FileCloud Sync Advanced Options
Posted by Don Rodger on 01 July 2015 09:19 AM


This article will explain the use of Advanced Options of FileCloud Sync Tool


The following actions are available in the "More Options" menu

FileCloud KB00112



Sync Enabled

Allows you to disable Syncing completely temporarily. Note that the sync will get re-enabled when you restart the sync app or when computer is restarted.

Change Sync Folder

It allows you to change the location where the sync folder is stored. You can move it to a different drive for instance if storage space is an issue.

Reset All Sync Data

Sometimes, you might want to clear the synchronization state information in the sync app and make it reset all the internal data.

This will make it resolve the sync files again from the server. Note that no files in the sync folder are deleted or affected.

View Errors

Shows you a list of errors encountered during the sync process.

Account Settings

Change user account and server information used for connection.

Other Settings

Change additional Settings such as Network Folder Sync for offline access of Network Folders, Backup, Selective Sync and Proxy Settings.

Run at Windows Startup

(Windows Only): Runs FileCloud Sync app when Windows starts up.

Check for Updates

Checks if there are any new updates for the sync app.


FileCloud customer support might request logging information from you in case there are any sync problems.

Select this menu item to open the folder where the "Syncclient.log" and "Syncclient.db" folder are present. This might need to be sent to support to help troubleshoot the issue.

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