Adding an image to your content
Posted by Tim King on 02 March 2016 04:52 PM
  1. Click on the pencil icon to edit your content
  2. Once the editor window pops up, place your cursor where you want to insert a photo and click the Image icon
  3. Click on the Browse Server button to the right of the URL field
  4. You will then see your browser file structure to the left. Click on the Images folder and you will see all the images in your images folder. Navigate to the image you want to place in your content and click on it to select it and click OK.
  5. You can upload an image from your computer by clicking the Upload a new file icon (looks like a tin can with a blue arrow up).
  6. Click the + Add file(s) button and browse your computer and select the image you want to upload and click Open and click Start uploads. Once the upload completes, you will be taken back to your images folder where you can now select the image that you just uploaded.
  7. Select the image you uploaded by single clicking on it and click OK
  8. Add the image description to the Alternative Text
  9. Click on the Link tab and click OK.
  10. If you want to left justify or right justify your image to let the text wrap around it, click once on the image and then click the Align Left or Align Right icon in the toolbar.
  11. Don’t forget to save your work by clicking the save
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