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BlackBerry Access (pre-BlackBerry 10)
Posted by Jay Allred on 20 January 2014 03:32 PM

BizCom supports access from Hosted Exchange 2010 to your BlackBerry device only through BlackBerry Enterprise Server.  If the user does not want to use BlackBerry Enterprise Server and would like to continue using BlackBerry Internet Service, it is possible to connect via the BlackBerry BB desktop connectivity software (available for some devices on the BlackBerry Website); however, this is not supported by BizCom.

BizCom highly recommends that people who want to connect their BlackBerry utilize BlackBerry Enterprise Service.  BlackBerry Enterprise Service provides security, connectivity, and ease of use that BlackBerry Internet Service does not. 

You will need to do the following:

1. Contact your cell phone provider and upgrade your cell service from BlackBerry Internet Services (aka BIS) to BlackBerry Enterprise Service (aka BES).  All providers charge different fees for this service. The price difference ranges from $10 to $35 depending on the carrier and location. 

2. After that is done, your admin should use the BizCom Hosted Control Panel at to add the BlackBerry Enterprise Service to your account.  You will be sent an activation email with an activation password, which is good for a few hours.

3. Go to your BlackBerry device and go to device setup.  Click on email setup.

4. Choose the option: I want to use a work email account with BlackBerry Enterprise Server

5. When asked if you have been provided with an activation password (it was included in the email that was sent to you), say yes.

6. Enter your email address and activation password.

You should have Enterprise BlackBerry Connectivity

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