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Migration from McAfee to EdgeWave
Posted by Don Rodger on 01 August 2016 03:56 PM


We have provided over the last 6 months several notices indicating that this critical change is coming.  We are now at the time that YOUR IMMEDIATE ACTION IS REQUIRED to ensure your ability to send and receive email!

(If you already receive spam notification reports from EdgeWave you can disregard this message.) 

Intel Security (formerly McAfee SaaS, formerly MXlogic) made an announcement that several of their services will be discontinued by the end of 2016. BizCom has used these products for many years to provide various services, including:
Email Protection
Email Encryption
Email Archiving
Web Protection
Click Protection
SaaS - Browser Protection and Content Filtering
SaaS - AntiVirus/Anti-Spyware Protection
SaaS - Firewall Protection

After testing several possible replacement Email Spam/AV systems BizCom chose to partner with EdgeWave, a leading web security provider since 1995. EdgeWave has a proven track record of providing secure and stable security products, such as the iPrism Secure Web Gateway, ePrism Email Security, and iGuard Web Content Filter.  BizCom Support has worked with EdgeWave to ensure that the transition from Intel Security / McAfee SaaS to EdgeWave services is easy as simple as possible for your users.

If you are still receiving spam messages from McAfee/ Intel that means your DNS records have NOT been change and requires your immediate action by you or your technical team.

Please see the 3 steps below, BizCom requests that you make these changes AS SOON AS POSSIBLE..

(1) If you wish someone in your Company to have administrator access to manage your users within your organization, in the new Edgewave Portal, we will need the email address for each administrator.  Each administrator login for your company will control all of your users. Please reply to this ticket with the email addresses that should be granted administrator access.

(2) MX Record Changes


Priority 10  
Priority 10  

BELOW ARE YOU NEW EDGEWAVE MX RECORDS.  (note: where it says, you should put your domain name with your appropriate extension… i.e  .com, .net, .org, .edu, .info…..)

Priority 10  
Priority 20  
Priority 30  
Priority 40  

(3) SPF Record Changes

SPF Records are designed to help your mail flow to your intended user, and the mail system knows the mail is originating from a valid source.

Below is your new SPF Record
v=spf1 ip4: ip4: ~all

(Note if you are using any 3rd party services, such as a CRM or email blast service, their records also need to be included in the record above.  If you need help in constructing the record please let us know.)


If you would like us to make these changes for you, you must provide login access (user name and passwords and well as the URL[website] for access) information to your company that manages your domain.  This could be the domain registrar, but it can also be your website hosting company.

As far as the spam/AV service goes, the biggest difference your users will notice is that their daily spam notification email will come from EdgeWave instead of Intel (McAfee).

We have created a KB article and attached a user guide to help you become familiar with EdgeWave’s portal. Feel free to pass it along to your users.

Many customers have BizCom manage their DNS as an additional service.  For these customers we have already made the necessary changes.

Please let us know if you have any questions.
Thank you for your business.

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